Julian Nubert

Hi everyone!

My name is Julian and I am a doctoral candidate at ETH Zurich within the Max Planck ETH Center for Learning Systems program. I am supervised by Marco Hutter and Katherine J. Kuchenbecker. I obtained a Master’s degree in Robotics, Systems & Control in 2020, and a Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering & Information Technology in 2017, both from ETH.

Recently, I worked as an applied science intern at Amazon Web Services and finished my master thesis, which I conducted at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Sebastian Trimpe‘s Intelligent Control Systems group. During my studies, I spent time at the National University of Singapore, conducted research at the Autonomous Systems Lab, and was part of a focus project, within which we developed an autonomous car.

Research Interests

I am interested in robots that are not only moving in but actively impacting their surroundings. My main field of research lies in the intersection of control, perception, and machine learning, intending to enable mobile robots to perform complex tasks. Starting as of July 2020, I am working as a research assistant at the Robotic Systems Lab at ETH, mainly in the field of construction robotics, specifically on autonomous excavation and manipulation with a walking excavator.

Before my time as a doctoral student, during my Master’s degree I mainly worked on (robust) MPC and its approximation, LiDAR perception, computer vision, deep neural networks, computer graphics and programming. Practical projects involved the control of a robotic manipulator, as well as the development of an autonomous car.



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