Approximate Model Predictive Control

This is the work I pursued within the scope of my Master’s thesis at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, in Sebastian Trimpe‘s Intelligent Control Systems group.

The corresponding robotics and automation letters (RA-L) paper can be found here. My master thesis can be found here. For more information check out our project page.

Learning-based Smoke, Dust and Fog Detection

I worked on learning-based filtering of LiDAR point clouds in the scope of my semester project at ETH Zurich in the Autonomous Systems Lab.

The corresponding paper we presented at the Conference on Field and Service Robotics can be found here.

Project ARC (Autonomous Racing Car)

I worked on this project with 9 colleagues for approximately 10 months. We developed an autonomous car starting from a Kyburz e-Rod (no actuated steering nor braking) as base. For more information and videos check out the project page.

The corresponding paper we presented at the Electric Vehicle Symposium 30 in Octobre 2017 can be found here.